この企画は複数の会場を用いたマルチストリーミングライブ企画「GOOD PLACE」の一環として実施され、


使用会場:東京都 下北沢ERA / 下北沢UP / 吉祥寺WARP / 新宿NINE SPICES / 大塚Meets / 八王子RIPS / Nishiogikubo Flat

killie / LITE / malegoat / Curve / WOZNIAK / セノオGEE / falls / 5kai / peelingwards / bonster / Hello Hawk / NOUGAT / SPOILMAN / lang / moreru / sans visage / alt of the society / kiwi / FeLid / R(L)N3(林哲也、飛田雅弘、塩川剛志) / Daisuke Niitome(mouse on the keys) / AQUILA KAWASAKI(mouse on the keys) / FORT / wagot / mu h / 34423 / OiD / Hello1103(VJ) / and more


Show the Japanese underground scene to the world!
I'm going to be on COMPASS!

Currently, due to the spread of the COVID-19 in Japan, the
It has been difficult for live music venues to hold live events in the form of crowds, and it has been difficult to conduct live tours.
COMPASS" has taken a positive view of this situation and
This is the first time for the world to see the performances of bands that are active in the Japanese live house and underground scene.
By creating a variety of online interactions, Japan's unique live house culture will be presented to the world.

This project is a part of "GOOD PLACE", a multi-streaming live project that uses multiple venues.
Live performances will be delivered from 7 live venues in Tokyo.
For the overseas listeners, the announcement will be made in English and Chinese, and the time table in Japan will be published for each country.

Regular tickets and t-shirt tickets are available on the official COMPASS website.